Social Media management

Who the f*** is
Mark Zuckerberg?

Constant Evolution not only works with well known companies and brands to improve their social media presence. Through well implemented social media strategies and influencer campaigns, a brands reach can be increased and new fans can be generated. While our 'Community Management' can target individual fans, through influencer marketing we can target a broad audience.




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Creative concepts

To stand out in a world full of information, you need creative concepts. Because only through unique creative concepts and relevant content users can be attached to a brand in the long term. 


Content production

Content production is the foundation of our company. From still images to videos and short clips - so called 'snack content' optimized for social media - visual content is an important element of successful social media management.


Community management

We make an effort to communicate with every single fan - because more often than not, the small fan is the true messenger that spreads the word and stands up for the brand.



We use an extensive bibliography that helps us to always spot the latest trends. We work with magazines and organizations that provide us with the latest social media news.

AD management

Facebook ads and social media advertisements in general are necessary, because the channel algorithm does not allow us to reach the full community organically.



We not only work with well known brands, but also have a strong connection to bloggers and influencers. This connection opens another door into the social media world.



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